Project Lot 44

Lot 44 is in Newbo where, during the flood, a 108″ storm pipe had to be plugged so the city drilled down into the top of this storm pipe and filled it with 110 yards of concrete. This turned out not to be the best way to stop the flood water sense this pipe is a little over 25′ deep & 7′ under river level. We were hired to pipe this storm sewer around where the new lift station and sluice gate are to be installed and then remove the existing storm which still had most of the concrete in it. This was possible to do using some creative work and the use of our new trench guide sheeting boxes. We were able to set up boxes, drive sheets, then dig out for new pipes and with this new system we were able to remove any of the sheets we wanted to make the corners and tie into existing pipe .

With the use of these boxes we impressed our General Contractor and City Inspectors on how safe we could work in the conditions we had and still complete our work without compromising our safety. Now that we have completed our storm sewer work, we have been hired to drive 50′ h beams in for shoring the hole we are going to dig 32′ deep. This job has been a challenge but to some of us that is what made it a fun job to be a part of.